Dog Boarding

Kanine Social provides a luxury boarding experience in our boutique dog suites, so your pup can enjoy their time away just as much as you!

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When your dog stays at Kanine Social, each day is filled with fun and safe indoor/outdoor activities in a closely supervised setting. Our boarding guests join our daycare groups for plenty of exercise, socialization and just good ol’ fashioned “ruffing” around, so you can rest assured that your dog is NEVER cooped up in a kennel. No additional fees or add on costs for your dog to participate in all day play!

Stop by anytime or call ahead to setup a time to tour our facility. Try our virtual tour here before you visit!


Luxury boarding suite
(includes all day play with daycare groups!)
VIP boarding suite
(includes all day play with daycare groups and additional space for your pup! This suite is perfect for multi-dog families!)
Family boarding suite
(Our largest suite, perfect for larger dogs who need more room or 3 dog families who want to board together)
Boarding Package (standard suite)
10-night package (plus 1 free night)
(includes all day play with daycare groups!)
(11 nights with an average nightly rate of $59)
*Package credits must be used within 6 months from date of purchase
  • Member discounts – Park members receive 10% discounts on boarding purchases (packages only).
  • Military (retired or active), police, fire, first responders – 10% discounts
  • Discounts available for multiple dogs. Please call or email for more information.
  • Additional dogs staying in the same boarding suite - $45 (30% discount for multiple dogs in the same suite)
  • Additional dogs from the same family in different boarding suite - 10% discount


Dog Bowl

The Typical Day Of A KS Boarder

Boarding dogs are fed breakfast and let out early in the morning prior to the arrival of daycare dogs. Mid-morning, they join the daycare group for play, followed by quiet time in their boarding suite. Then, it’s MORE play time with their daycare pals to work up an appetite before dinner. They are let out again in the evening to burn some energy before bed time.


Daily Pictures and Videos

See pictures and videos of your dog playing from wherever you are. Your peace of mind is one of our top priorities and we strive to give you every opportunity possible to see your pup including text message pictures and a weekly report card!

Dog Playing Fetch

Indoor / Outdoor Play Areas

Our state-of-the-art facility features 7,000 SF of climate controlled play area with slip resistant floors, mobile daycare room dividers to customize space and an additional 7,000 SF outside play area allowing your pup the ability to enjoy fresh air throughout the day. Rest assured that your fur baby gets the mental and physical stimulation "they deserve"! Go ahead, take a peek!

Dog with Leash

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Flexibility

When you’re away, whether it’s for business or leisure, we understand that travel plans can change unexpectedly. We strive to provide the most flexible options for our boarders when it comes to drop-off and pick-up times.


Late Night Staff On-Site

Many dog boarding facilities end play time before 6PM. At Kanine Social, our trained staff is on-site later in the evening until after 9PM, allowing your pup that extra freedom to burn energy or use the doggie toilet for a more comfortable night!

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Safety Is Our Top Priority

All of our furry guests must meet stringent health and behavior requirements to ensure a safe and pleasant boarding experience for all. Dogs over 6 months old must be spayed/neutered and all dogs must be current on all vaccinations and pass a temperament test to take part in group play.

Animal Hospital

Full Service Animal Hospital On-Site

At Kanine Social we work with Forever Vets Animal Hospital to provide a full range of veterinary services right on our property. Enjoy peace of mind with a veterinarian on site and if desired, your pup can even have his routine annual checkup and vaccinations done while you are on vacation!

Learn More From Forever Vets Animal Hospital
Animal Hospital

Professional Bathing Services

We offer top quality bathing services to our boarders prior to pickup, so your pup goes home smelling great with freshly trimmed nails and clean ears. We use gentle products that won't irritate sensitive skin. Instead, we'll make sure your dog's coat is silky soft, tangle-free and ready for a loving rubdown after your time apart.

Take a virtual Tour

Go ahead, take a quick peek at our state-of-the-art facility!

Jacksonville Dog Boarding

At Kanine Social, it’s not just about “watching” over our guests. We want them to get the physical and mental stimulation that keeps them happy and healthy, even when their “pawrents” are away!

We aim to offer a one-of-a-kind boutique experience for dogs and humans that can't be found anywhere else in Jacksonville. As dog lovers ourselves, we understand what you are looking for in a Jacksonville dog boarding service, from safety to cleanliness and exercise to plenty of cuddles.

Kanine Social was created to be a local dog daycare and boarding center that offers more than just the standard. We cherish each Kanine Social guest as a part of our family by offering a unique and diverse selection of amenities to accommodate you.

Do I need to make a reservation prior to my dog's stay?

Yes. Reservations are required for all boarding guests to ensure we have adequate room for all of our boarding dogs.

How do I make a reservation for boarding?

Reservations are easily made online after creating an account. Sign up or login now to make a reservation for you dog's upcoming stay. After logging into your account hit the blue "Request Services" button > select "Request a Reservation" > select the dates for your stay along with a drop off and pick up time (please attempt to select accurate drop off and pick up times to help our staff prepare for your dog's arrival and departure) > add any additional services you may need, such as an exit bath with nail trim and ear cleaning, and then select save. You will receive an email once your reservation has been confirmed.

What is included during my dog's boarding stay?

When staying at Kanine Social, daycare is included in the price and your dog will take part in all day play with out daycare groups to ensure they receive plenty of socialization and exercise each day and are never cooped up in a kennel like other facilities.

Daily pics and videos to keep you updated on your dog's stay with us!

Your dog will receive a mid-day nap between 12:00 PM-2:00 PM to get some much needed rest between play sessions.

We provide meals 2 times daily and if necessary we can provide a mid-day meal for puppies.

Medicine can be administered free of charge if needed.

Staff on site at 6:45 AM and as late as 9:30 PM to provide a late night potty break to reduce the amount of time your dog has to be without going outside.

Nightly healthy treats prior to bedtime at no additional cost! 

Can my dogs stay in the same suite?

Yes, your dogs may stay in the same suite if there is adequate room given the size of the dogs and the suite selection. For two small or medium sized dogs the standard suite should provide plenty of room. For larger breed dogs we recommend choosing a VIP suite to have extra room for them to comfortably stay together. Our family suite would be ideal for the largest breed dogs or for family's with 3 dogs.

If there is any concern over feeding your dogs in the same suite please let us know and we will accommodate feeding them separately.

What is the pricing for boarding?

Our 3'x5' standard suite is $55 per night and is ideal for a single dog or two smaller breed dogs.

Our 4'x5' VIP suite is $65 per night and is ideal for dogs who want a little extra room or for two medium or larger breed dogs who want to board together.

Our 4'x10' family suite is $70 per night and is ideal for a family of 2 or 3 medium or larger breed dogs who are staying an extended period of time.

We offer discounted pricing for the second or third dog from the same family. Discounted nightly rates are $35 for additional dogs staying in the same suite or a 10% discount for additional dogs staying in separate suites.

Are there specific drop off and pick up times?

We understand you have a busy work and life schedule so we offer longer and more flexible drop-off and pick-up hours.

Weekday drop-off and pick-up is from 6:45 AM to 7:00 PM

Weekend drop-off and pick-up is between 8:00 AM-12:00 PM and between 3:00 PM-7:00 PM

Pickup after 12:00 PM on any day will require a half-day daycare fee of $20

Even if you aren’t leaving town until later in the day, we recommend dropping off earlier in the day if possible to ensure your pup gets plenty of play time on their first day.

What is your cancellation policy?

Reservations must be cancelled with at least 24 hours advance notice, otherwise a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the stay will be charged. We understand emergencies do arise and are happy to work with you under various circumstances so please call us if plans change due to emergency.

Does someone stay overnight with the dogs?

Similar to most facilities, staff does not stay overnight with the dogs,which allows them a better night’s rest without any distraction or interruption from humans moving about. Our entire facility is fully secured with monitored temperature, fire and security alarms as well as HD cameras. We are immediately notified by our monitoring companies if any alarms are set off. We do however have staff on site until as late as 9: 30 PM on weeknights and 10:30 PMon weekends, allowing your pup one last potty break and less than 8-9 hours before our AM staff arrives.

What should we bring with us?

We highly recommend you bring your dog’s food to maintain their existing diet and to reduce the chance of causing any unnecessary upset stomach issues.

Please bring your dog’s food in individual Ziploc baggies, pre-measured for each meal for the necessary number of meals during your dog's stay. This will help ensure your dog is fed the appropriate amount each day during their stay. We provide food two times daily for most dogs. If your dog requires a lunch time feeding as a puppy or senior dog please let us know. If you prefer to use our food, we will provide two meals a day for $6 daily. Our house food is Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Lamb and is a high quality dry dog food product.

If necessary, please bring any medicine your dog may need during his stay. Please ensure it is clearly labeled and provide instructions for administering medication on your pup’s account.

Please DO NOT bring your dog’s toys, bedding, bowls, etc. We will provide a raised, sanitized dog bed in each suite along with food and water bowls. We do not put individual toys or bedding in the room with the dogs. We provide a nightly healthy treat for each dog during their stay!

How often are the suites cleaned?

Suites are fully cleaned and sanitized each morning and spot cleaned in the afternoon after the mid-day nap. Your pup spends most of their day playing with our daycare groups and the suites will remain cleaner because of this.

Do you offer bathing services prior to pickup?

Yes! We can provide an exit bath along with complimentary nail trim and ear cleaning prior to pickup. Just include this additional service request when making your reservation and your pup will go home smelling and looking fresh!

My dog doesn’t do well in social settings like doggie daycare. Do you accept dogs like this?

We understand that not all dogs are a good fit for social interactions like doggie daycare and need to have individual playtime during their stay. As long as your dog does not exhibit any aggressive behavior toward humans, they are more than welcome to stay with us and will be given multiple individual play sessions with our staff throughout the day to ensure they get plenty of exercise as well as physical and mental stimulation.

Do you accept non-neutered or non-spayed dogs?

All dogs over 6 months of age need to be spayed or neutered to participate in daily group play with our daycare dogs during their boarding stay. If your dog is not fixed, they may board with us; however, rather than group play they will have individual play sessions with our staff throughout the day to ensure they get plenty of exercise as well as physical and mental stimulation. Dogs in heat or expected to go in heat are not permitted to board with us.

What happens if my dog becomes ill during their stay?

Unlike many boarding facilities who do not have a veterinarian on site, we have a full service animal hospital located within our building. Forever Vets Animal Hospital is locally owned and operated with eight locations in Jacksonville and is staffed seven days a week until 8:00 PM. While they are not a 24/7 emergency vet, their highly trained veterinarians are available at any time during your dog’s stay with us in the case of emergency.

Do you sell bulk packages for frequent boarders?

Yes! We have a 10-night package, which includes 1 free night, effectively saving 10% over the normally nightly rate. Package credits can be used for up to 6 months from the date of purchase so you have plenty of time to take advantage of the savings from purchasing boarding credits ahead of time.

What vaccinations are required for boarding?

All dogs must be current on Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper. Bordetella is required to be updated every 6 months.

Can I send vaccination records electronically?

Yes. You will be asked for current vaccination records when you create your account. This information will be saved in your file and reminders will automatically be sent when updated records are needed.

Can I tour the boarding and daycare area?

Yes! Our facility can be toured whenever convenient for you, but we would suggest calling ahead to give our staff notice to help ensure they are immediately available when you arrive. Due to feeding and nap times for our boarding dogs, our boarding area can only be toured between the hours of 8:00 AM-12:00 PM and 3:00 PM-6:00 PM 7 days a week.

Am I required to have a temperament test performed prior to my first boarding stay?

We highly recommend having your dog enrolled for a half or full day of daycare prior to your first boarding stay.This allows us to perform the initial temperament test to ensure your dog is a good fit in our daycare setting so they may take part in group play while they are boarding with us. It also helps your dog become more familiar with our facility and helps our staff familiarize themselves with your dog prior to boarding.

If you are unable to make a daycare reservation prior to your initial boarding stay, we can perform the temperament test on the first boarding day. Most well socialized dogs who have done daycare or boarding in the past should pass the temperament test; however, there is a chance that your dog may not be an appropriate fit for our daycare setting and would be limited to individual play sessions with our staff in lieu of daycare play sessions. Please feel free to call us to discuss this process in more detail and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.