2022 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

With Christmas around the corner you’re probably thinking about gifts for your family members and friends- especially the dog lovers! In this blog post, we share 5 pawtastic gift ideas that will have tails wagging for sure!

1. Doggie Daycare Gift Cards

This is a present that both dog lovers and their fur babies will love! Give your friends the time and convenience they need by letting them bring their pups to doggie daycare for a day of fun, supervised play. 

They’ll be able to get work done knowing their pets are in capable hands. Meanwhile, the pups get to burn energy and socialize in a safe, clean environment geared towards canines.

2. Dog Puzzle Toys

There are dog toys…and then there are dog puzzle toys. When it comes to choosing a savvy gift for your dog loving pal and their pooch, step away from the mundane chew toys for once! Dog puzzle toys offer clever pups who love to chew hours of brain stimulating fun! From treat mazes to contraptions with hidden treat compartments, it’s a mentally healthy way to keep dogs occupied.

3. Car Seat Cover

Another nifty idea is a car seat cover designed specifically for dog owners. This lightweight cover generally has a universal fit, is easy to install in your back seat, and protects upholstery from muddy paws, fur, and drool. 

4. Snuffle Mat

This is the perfect gift to jazz up meal time. Your dog owner bud will have fun filling this mat with kibble for their hungry hound to find. It’s supposed to mimic “scavenging” in the wild, stimulating the dog’s brain while also keeping them from scarfing down food too fast.

5. Pet Grooming Gloves

Make grooming an enjoyable experience for both dog lover and doggie alike with a pair of gloves designed for scooping up loose fur. Pet gloves feature special nubs that act like mini bristles. As the hooman pets, the fur is cleaned, with fur sticking to the gloves. The best part is that the dog thinks she’s getting a lovely belly rub the entire time!

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