3 Big Doggie Daycare Myths Debunked

If you’re still pondering doggie daycare, what’s holding you back from signing up your pup? It’s normal to feel a bit nervous, especially if you’ve never had any experience with a daycare before. 

As well, you might’ve heard scary stories that have your tail between your legs.

Are they true, though?

Doggie daycare is an essential service that not only ensures your fur baby is safe while you’re away, but also that they are in an environment that helps them thrive physically and mentally.

That’s why you should definitely look into the best doggie daycare near you. To help reassure you, I’m going to debunk some of the most common myths about pet care.

Myth #1: My dog will be exposed to diseases!

False. Reputable doggie daycares follow stringent guidelines concerning vaccinations, and many won’t let dogs attend if they are not up to date on their shots.

This is something that personnel will ask about when you sign up, and you’ll need to have the necessary paperwork to prove that vaccinations are up to date.

Some daycares have an on-site vet that can administer shots and help in case of emergencies Note: not every place offers medical service, but it’s a solid question to ask when shopping around.

Myth #2: It’s too expensive!

False. You need to think quality over price with this one, because with the best doggie daycares in Jacksonville, you get what you pay for. 

Your dog isn’t just being watched while you’re at work. They are getting plenty of exercise, mental stimulation and socialization that is paramount for behavioral development.

These activities help you save time and give you peace of mind knowing that your beloved pup is having an enriching experience instead of being stuck at home alone for hours.

Scheduling flexibility

As well, you don’t have to send your dog in every day. If you’re on a tight budget and only want to come in a couple of days a week, no problemo. 

Talk to your doggie daycare about scheduling options to establish a plan that works for you.

Myth #3: With all of those dogs, mine won’t be watched properly

False. Reputable doggie daycares are very professional, placing your dog’s well being at the forefront.

Passionate, experienced employees are hired to regulate group play sessions, so your dog is never alone, and employees aren’t overwhelmed.

Plus, modern establishments are designed for safety and efficiency. Ask your provider how they organize play groups and the criteria that determines how dogs are grouped together.

You can even take a tour before committing to get a feel for the environment and whether it will be a good fit for your pup.

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