3 Cold Weather Safety Tips for the Dog Park

The winter months bring weather changes that can have profound effects on our pets health- even here in Florida! For dogs, being outside at the dog park provides plenty of benefits ranging from exercise to socialization, however it’s important to think about their physical well being if it’s cold outside. That’s right- canines get chilly, too!

In this post, we share 3 safety tips to ensure your furry friend stays nice and toasty at the dog park this winter.

Combat dry, flaky skin

The cold weather can turn sensitive skin dry, itchy, and flaky. To keep this from happening to your dog, make sure your home is dehumidified and have a towel handy to rub your pet down after coming in from a day at the dog park.

If your dog really suffers from skin issues, you might want to cut down on baths in order to retain the natural oils that hydrate the fur and skin.

Put the buzzer away until spring

If you regularly shave your dog, consider letting their coat grow out for the cold weather. The extra shag provides added warmth while they’re outside playing, kind of like how we don a sweater.

Furthermore, remember that the paw pads on your dog’s feet aren’t protected against icy, wet ground or cold pavement. Booties are an excellent way to ensure their feet are comfortable. You can also try massaging petroleum jelly onto the paw pads for protection before heading outside.

Hydration & diet

It’s easier to keep up with drinking water in hot weather, but when we’re cold it might be something that’s dificult to remember. The fact is, cold weather dehydrates the body, as it’s busy burning calories to keep warm. 

The same goes for your dog. After an action-packed day at the dog park, it’s essential to make sure they’re drinking plenty of water. You might also want to supply them with som extra kibble to replace all of those burned calories.


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