3 Crucial Commands Your Dog Should Know Before Heading to Daycare

Ever heard the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

That just isn’t true. Our furry friends are capable of learning the most basic commands, no matter how old they are!

Plus, the more quality time we spend training our dogs on how to behave, the easier it will be for them to thrive at doggie daycare or boarding.

You don’t have to be the Mr. Miyagi of canine commandments. These 3 basic lessons will equip your pup with the common etiquette to get that “good boy” praise wherever ya’ll go!

Getting Started

“Sit girl, sit!” We all know this basic doggie command, and it’s a good place to start with your fresh-faced pup.

Now before we get to the key points, remember that training your dog is as successful as the amount of time and consistency you put into it. Aim for 15 minutes, 3x per day for a few weeks to allow your dog to fully master the command.

Next, treats and positive reinforcement will foster a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Yelling and frustration will only make training an unpleasant experience for both of you. 

Repetition is necessary to help your dog remember the command for good.

1. The Classic Sit

To master this basic command, start by holding out a treat and moving it up and down through the air so that your dog focuses on the treat and follows the movements.

Now, keep moving your hand up. This will force your dog’s head to move upwards to follow the treat, causing her bottom to lower to the ground for an improved stance.

Whenever her rump is seated, make sure to say “Sit” and then give her the treat.

2. The Power of “Come”

Whether you’re at the dog park or the front door was left open while bringing in groceries, without a leash your energetic pup is looking to roam and sniff!

Mastering the “come” command is useful for breaking those run away habits or getting your dog by your side if a dangerous situation arises. 

Start by keeping your dog on a leash and stooping down to her level while holding the leash. 

Gently tell her to “come” while pulling the leash towards you. Once she is by your side, give praise and a treat. 

Continue to do this over and over, then remove the leash and practice the same steps.

3. The Advanced “Stay”

Getting your dog to sit and stay is a more complex command, but with a bit of patience and consistency, she’ll get it down in no time.

First, you’ll want to make sure that the sit command has already been mastered.

Start by asking her to sit, then reach out your hand in a stop gesture while simultaneously telling your pup to “stay”.

Take a few steps back. If she stays, give a treat and praise. Naturally, it will take a few tries for her to understand. 

Don’t give up- keep practicing, and it will pay off with a dog that will wait for you to take the lead before running off.

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