5 Fun Exercises to Get Your Dog Moving!

Your dog’s health is paramount to ensure a long life spent by your side, and a balanced diet paired with daily exercise will equip them with what’s needed to thrive.

With work and other activities that keep us away from home, our dogs are sedentary indoors for long hours. Sure, they may get a morning and afternoon walk, but let’s be honest, the good ol’ leash walk down the street can get boring. 

So, what are some other fun exercises you can do with your pup to get them moving and grooving? We have 5 great ideas for you right here in this post!

1. Build an agility course

You don’t need fancy training equipment to build an obstacle course in your backyard. Get creative and build one with PVC pipes, or look for objects to use from around your house.

2. Go swimming

Do you have a pool in your backyard? If so, go swimming with your pup! This type of exercise is easy on the joints, which can get sore after running and playing on hard surfaces frequently. This is also a good exercise alternative if you live in a hot region.

Make sure to put a doggie life vest on your best bud and give them a good wash with the hose and dog shampoo afterward.

3. Go to the dog park

Dog parks are popping up all over the country, making it easy to take your pup out on the weekends to run around unleashed with other dogs. It’s a safe setting, and while your pup burns energy with all the ruff-housing, they also get some important socialization time.

4. Tug of war

Dogs never back down from a ruff n’ tumble game of tug of war! Get out your pup’s favorite chew toy and go to town. This is an easy way to get your dog to burn some serious energy if they’re hyper and you get to burn some calories too- it’s tiring!

5. Sign up for doggie daycare

If you work during the week and are worried that your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, you might want to consider signing up for doggie daycare. That way, your dog gets daily exercise indoors and outdoors in group play sessions that are monitored by professionals. Socialization, air conditioning, a safe place to play- It doesn’t get any better than that!

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