5 Huge Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Forget locking your dog up in a crate for long hours or leaving her home alone while you work all day. Doggie daycare offers a multitude of benefits that make life easier for you while providing your fur baby with a safe and stimulating environment. 

If you’re unsure about whether or not doggie daycare is right for you and your pup, these 5 benefits will have you signing up pronto!


From the puppy stage and into adulthood, consistent socialization is incredibly important for the behavioral development of a dog. They learn to be comfortable when meeting new people and pets, reducing stress, aggression and skittish behavior. At Kanine Social, we organize playgroups by matching dogs of similar size, temperament and energy level for an enriching experience.

Relieve separation anxiety

When an owner leaves for hours at a time, a dog might feel separation anxiety or become bored. This can result in destructive behavior, where you come home to chewed up shoes, pillows or furniture. Doggy daycare cancels out boredom and relieves separation anxiety. With loving human helpers and plenty of doggie pals to keep your baby busy, you’ll never have to worry about your expensive heels getting shredded.

Your dog is safe 

Let’s face it; sometimes our naughty angels like to hop the backyard fence or escape the crate. How can you make sure your dog is safe while you’re at work? Kanine Social doggie daycare monitors 4-legged guests around the clock, with safety being the No. 1 priority. Besides utilizing security technology, the individuals watching/playing with the dogs are trained professionals that are dog lovers at heart- so you'll feel good knowing your fur-baby is in loving hands.

Implement a routine

Dogs thrive from routine. By dropping your pup off at daycare, not only do you keep a consistent schedule, but she will become comfortable and confident knowing what to expect and who she will be around. You already know she will get the chance to socialize and will be monitored by experienced professionals. As well, daily exercise is no longer another item on that overflowing to-do-list.

Peace of mind

No matter how busy your day gets, you’ll never have to worry about your dog when she’s at daycare. Say goodbye to feelings of guilt or dropping by home on your lunch break to check on her. Without distraction, you can focus on work while your precious pooch is having a blast with her buds under a watchful eye.

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