5 Reasons Why Dog Parks are Pawsitively Awesome

Dogs parks have our tails wagging- why? Besides the fact that our sweet bundles of fur get to romp around in ecstasy, the benefits of dog parks delve much deeper than just play time. In fact, bringing your pup on a regular basis can have a vast impact on health, behavior and overall well being.

Read on for 5 benefits of dog parks!


Dogs need socialization, because it helps them get comfortable being around unfamiliar dogs and humans without showing skittish or aggressive behavior. The thing is, socialization needs to be implemented from a young age and carried on into adulthood on a consistent basis. The local dog park gives your fur babe a safe place to be exposed to other canines regularly. Whether you’re taking your puppy for the first time or are a park regular, there is a diverse array of dog breeds, sizes and ages that will help your own dog settle in and grow in confidence.


Just like humans, dogs need daily exercise to ward off health problems, such as obesity. As well, energetic dogs will resort to destructive behavior (such as chewing up your $200 pair of shoes) if they don’t get enough physical and mental stimulation. Dog parks allow your pup to run free without a leash. Whether you want her to pal around with other park pups or you want to play fetch, there’s plenty of room to ensure she gets tuckered out. Some parks even feature a pond or pool for water dogs to go for a paddle.


In a world where streets are getting busier and leash laws are getting stricter, how can you take your dog out of the house and into the world without the extra worry? Dog parks are amazing because they are SAFE. With fenced in areas, supervision and guidelines designed to promote a secure, yet fun atmosphere specifically for canines, you can sit back and watch your pup enjoy the freedom she deserves off the leash.

Protection from the elements

When the weather gets stormy or the sun is relentless on a hot summer day, indoor dog parks are the way to go. You won’t have to worry about your dog suffering from heat stroke with an air conditioner keeping her chilled out. As well, your pup won’t have to sit out of play time on account of inclement weather. 

It’s an awesome hang out for dog parents too

Who said dog parks are only for the 4-legged? If you’re new to the neighborhood or just want to meet like minded (dog CRAZY) individuals, then you’re bound to meet plenty of canine comrades at the local dog park. You might learn a new tip or two, find the best vet in the area or even set up a puppy play date. At Kanine Social, you can kick back under the AC with a cold beer and mingle with other dog parents while the fur kids play. What better way to enjoy the weekend?


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