Crate Training vs. Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare or crate training? These are two popular methods to keep your dog safe during the day while you’re at work. But which one is better?

It really comes down to your dog’s personality and your schedule. Both solutions offer different benefits. We’ll compare them to help you make the best decision.

The 101 on crate training

Crate training takes time and dedication, but if you’ve been consistent with it since your dog was a puppy, then the biggest benefit is that your dog views the crate as her “den” or safe space where she can go to chill out with her favorite toy or blanket.

Crate training is a cost-effective, convenient option if you leave your home for short periods of time. It prevents your dog from chewing on your belongings or going to the bathroom on the carpet. 

But if you’re at work for 6-8 hours a day, you might want to re-think your strategy. It’s not recommended to keep dogs crated for hours, as this can lead to separation anxiety. Plus, dogs need exercise, and by being crated for hours your dog is more or less sedentary for the majority of the day.

Still, crate training is a valuable skill that helps your dog learn a routine, potty training, and where to go when she needs comfort. 

But if you want your pup to get the socialization and exercise she needs for well-being, doggie daycare might be your best bet.

The 101 on doggie daycare

Even though crate training is cost-effective, you get the value out of what you pay for by putting your dog in daycare while at work. 

You can’t beat the convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind knowing that your precious pup is being watched by professionals.

Plus, your dog gets plenty of daily exercise and socialization that is vital for behavior development. She’s too busy running around outdoors and indoors off the leash with her ruff buddies to feel anxious, interacting naturally as dogs are supposed to.

It’s the best way to help your dog build confidence and etiquette while receiving the physical/mental stimulation she needs. 

You get a well-behaved and happy dog, while you can go to work knowing she is safe and sound.

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