Did You Recently Adopt a Dog? Here's How to Introduce Socialization & Exercise

It’s official: dog adoptions are booming!

This year, we’ve all been through the gauntlet one way or the other, whether we are working from home, trying to find ways for the family to socialize or just handle the new stresses that COVID has wrought on our lives.

One way that people across the US are coping with the pandemic, is by adopting a furry friend. In fact, breeders, rescues and shelters are reporting a surge in demand, with waiting lists stretching well into 2021.

Having a new dog offers tons of cuddles and happiness, but when you have to work from home while juggling your kids virtual learning and keeping social distancing measures in mind, it can be a challenge to help your pet make a smooth transition.

If you’ve adopted a dog this year or are interested in welcoming a 4-legged companion into your home, it’s crucial to help them adjust and flourish. Understandably, you might have a lot on your plate already- and that’s ok. 

It all starts with proper socialization and exercise, and that’s where doggie daycare comes in handy.

A volunteer holds a cute Pug

Why doggie daycare?

You can ensure that your fur baby gets enough active playtime and socialization by enrolling them in daycare. 

It’s safe, clean and you don’t have to worry about being packed into a dog park with a crowd of dog owners.

Instead, you can drop your pup off for a day of fun, allowing her to mingle with other pups and learn proper behaviors that will ease any anxieties from a recent adoption transition.

Professional service

At doggie daycare, your pup is being monitored by professionals who know how to interact with dogs to foster “good boy” behavior. 

From indoor romping in air conditioning on hot days, to outdoor play under the warm sun, your new dog will get plenty of daily exercise to work off energy, decrease destructive behavior and combat boredom.

Some facilities have a vet on-site available for service. 

It’s also imperative to ask about vaccination requirements when shopping around. Reputable establishments will require that all tail-wagging guests are up-to-date on their shots.

A woman sits with her dog during sunset

Safe & secure

The beauty of doggie daycare during these unprecedented times is that you don’t need to have much human contact to get your pup involved.

Ask your local doggie daycare about the COVID safety regulations they have in place, how often the surroundings are sanitized and about the visitor capacity.

As of Sept. 9, the CDC has reported that the risk of virus transmission between pets and humans is low, but it’s still a good idea to check back here as new information comes in regarding COVID pet cases.

All in all, doggie daycare will help make your day easier, allowing you to focus on your work while giving you peace of mind knowing that your new friend is getting the care she needs to grow and thrive.

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