Does Your Dog Seem Sick? It's Best to Stay Home From Daycare

When we get sick, it’s normal to stay home from school or work, and the same goes for our furry companions as well.

Communicable diseases exist for canines, so if your pup comes home from daycare acting out of sorts, it’s perfectly normal, as germs spread as a result of playing with other dogs.

The key factor here is NOT bringing your pup into daycare the next day. Instead, make them comfortable and administer the perfect cure: cuddles.

As well, if you start a treatment for your dog, make sure it has been completed before going back to daycare. 

Signs That Your Dog is Sick and Needs to Stay Home

You’ll also want to monitor their symptoms closely. Here’s what to look out for.

  • Extreme fatigue or limping: Is your usually energetic pup refusing to get out of bed in the morning and seems overly tired? Is she limping? A day of rest could be just what’s needed to soothe sore limbs from playing and restore them to their prime. 

  • Runny nose & coughing: This could be allergies or kennel cough, which is contagious. Keep your pup home until the symptoms clear up, then head on back to daycare.

  • Intense scratching: This could be a sign of fleas, and daycare should be avoided until a flea bath and treatment has been administered. Fleas can be passed to other dogs and they carry diseases, so definitely wait on daycare until it’s under control.

  • Vomiting or diarrhea: No need to freak out, as this can be due to eating something weird or adjusting to a new food. Monitor your dog and if these symptoms don’t improve, schedule a vet appointment.

Make Sure Your Dog is Caught Up on Vaccinations

Oftentimes vaccinations are required by daycares to help slow down the spread of certain diseases due to multiple dogs interacting together. 

The daycare should ask for records, but also remember to talk to your vet to see if your dog needs any new shots to stay up to date.

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