Dog Walker vs. Doggie Daycare: Which is More Beneficial?

If you’ve got a full schedule at work, you may be wondering how to ensure your dog gets the proper attention and care she deserves. After all, no one wants to spend hours alone at home…well maybe some humans do, but not our loyal, loving pups!

Fortunately, there are many pet care options out there. However, the trouble is choosing the one that best suits you and your doggie’s needs. 

In today’s blog post we’ll compare the pros and cons of two popular options:

  • Hiring a dog walker
  • Doggie daycare

Which one is most beneficial for your pup? Let’s dive in!

Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare is kind of like child care (but of course, also vastly different). The parent, or in this case ‘pawrent’ drops their baby off for a certain period of time, then returns later in the day for pickup.

Doggie daycares vary when it comes to amenities, but reputable ones tend to offer a plethora of stimulating activities and and play time, all in a carefully supervised, safe environment. 

This is a great option for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Not only does daycare mean that your dog is not bored and alone at home, but they are burning energy and socializing. These are two highly important factors for canine wellbeing.

Daycare is also great for separation anxiety. It creates a consistent routine for your dog that helps them feel confident and secure. The more exposure dogs have to people and other dogs in a controlled setting, the better they become at recognizing social cues that teaches them etiquette that’s essential for good behavior.

On the flipside, doggie daycare may not be for everyone. Perhaps you feel that your dog needs more one on one training or they are too young. Remember- every daycare facility offers different services. Some my only take in a small number of dogs while others may have vet and training services on site. It’s best to do your research and visit different local establishments.

Dog Walking

Some people prefer hiring someone to walk their dog, but that’s because they might have more time in the day to partake in activities that ensures their furry companions get the exercise they need.

Dog walking is simple to organize and doesn’t take much time, but remember that your dog isn’t getting the freedom to really burn energy like they would in an enclosed, supervised area.

Also remember that with walking, socialization is very limited. Your dog won’t get the interaction with other dogs that is vital for behvorial development.

However, dog walking is great for pups with special needs, such as ones that are aggressive and are not ready for a social environment. It’s also more personal, because they get one-on-one time with the walker. 

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