Doggie Daycare vs. Dog Boarding: What's the Difference?

You probably found yourself on this page if you consider yourself a busy dog owner who needs doggie daycare services in Jacksonville or dog boarding services.


But how are these services different? Both involve dropping your pup off at a safe location geared towards canine wellbeing and overlooked by trained professionals. Keep reading to find out which is best fit for you and your doggie companion!

What is Doggie Daycare?


The primary difference between doggie daycare and dog boarding is whether or not you need your dog to be watched over night


Doggie daycare is for pawrents who are looking to leave their dog in the care of someone safe and professional for a few hours of the day while they go to work or run errands. 


If your schedule limits the amount of walks you can take with your pup each day or you just don’t want to leave your dog home alone while you’re at the office, doggie daycare is the place for you. 


When alone at home for hours, pups can get lonely and an increase in destructive behavior is likely (such as excessive barking or chewing your personal belongings).


Doggie daycares are also great for developing healthy socialization. They get to participate in playgroups that teach them how to be confident and comfortable in their surroundings. Just a few hours of doggie daycare a day can keep your pup active and happy while you stay on your grind.

What is Dog Boarding?

While doggie daycare deals with day time boarding, dog boarding is an overnight solution for when you take a business trip or go on vacation.


With dog boarding, the staff will look over your dog like it’s their own, providing food, water, and plenty of interaction in a safe setting.


So, if you are going away on a trip and have no one around to come in and watch your pup, dog boarding is the best option to have peace of mind knowing your best friend is in capable hands.


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