First Time Dog Boarding? Here's What You Need to Know!

You’ve got a big vacay on the horizon and the excitement is real! You're making plans, packing bags and...looking up dog boarding businesses in your city. 

Perhaps you’ve never boarded your dog before. You might feel a bit apprehensive, and that’s totally understandable. You don’t know what to expect, who to trust or how your dog will feel being apart from you in a strange place.  

Boarding your dog shouldn’t be stressful, and a quality facility will do everything they can to make sure you and your dog comfortable and happy. Check out these helpful tips on how to prepare for your first dog boarding experience!

Confirm reservation details

First, you’re going to make your appointment with the facility. This includes agreeing on a drop-off and pick-up time. If you are running late for your drop-off, make sure to call and let them know.

What to bring and what to expect

You’ll be leaving your beloved pup for awhile so be sure to bring their food for the duration of their stay as well as a favorite toy for them while they are in their boarding area. A quality facility ensure your pup spends the majority of their day running and playing with the daycare pups and not cooped up in the boarding area. You should look for a facility that includes all day play at no additional charge to ensure your pup receives adequate physical and mental stimulation while they are boarded.

Dietary needs and medication

Be clear with the facility regarding any allergies or a special diet. Write down directions concerning any medication requirements and it is helpful to pack your dog’s food in individual baggies to ensure the correct amount is provided each day.Make sure that you have enough for the duration of her stay. 

See you later!

You might get a bit nervous and teary-eyed for that first drop-off, but don’t put out those vibes! A long, dramatic goodbye creates a stressful situation that your dog will sense. Instead, get her in, say a quick adios and let your fur baby enjoy her own little vacation. If you really feel that separation anxiety, some dog boarding establishments provide photos and videos so you can have regular updates for peace of mind.


This is a great time for both you and your pup to rewind and enjoy. You get to leave the grind for some well-deserved R&R and your dog gets to meet new pup pals, play and be pampered by passionate dog lovin’ professionals. 

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