Going Back to the Office Soon? Here's Why You Should Send Your Dog to Daycare!

2020 was a long year, but now it’s time to move forward into the new year with positivity (and hopefully normalcy), and for some that means going back to the office after working at home for months.

It’s another transition, one that pet owners in particular might be worrying about. Your dog might be stuck at home for hours while you’re working, prompting you to look into affordable pet care options.

That’s where doggie daycare comes in handy! Numerous daycares are opening back up with health protocols in place to ensure safety for their tail-wagging guests and pawrents.

Feeling unsure? Here are some other reasons to consider doggie daycare in Jacksonville to make your transition back into the office a smooth one for you and your fur pal.

Your dog won’t be alone

This is more important than you may think. Dog’s have feelings too, and if they’ve gotten used to having you at home for the past few months, then a sudden shift in routines can be a shock to the system. 

With you suddenly gone all day, they can experience separation anxiety, which in turn can lead to destructive behavior. 

Returning home to chewed up $200 leather shoes is never fun. It’s not because your dog is angry at you, it’s because they are alone, bored and feeling stressed. 

Doggie daycare ensures your pup is in a safe, comfortable environment with other dogs and professional caretakers. She’ll be too busy playing to worry, and your shoes stay safe!

Daily exercise is taken care off

Returning back to the office might mean rushed mornings and late nights that force you to sacrifice dog walks

Your pup needs exercise for physical and mental wellbeing, so it really should be a priority. Doggie daycare also nips this in the bud, with plenty of outdoor and indoor play sessions monitored by a professional. 

Your dog gets to burn energy and you have one less thing to worry about!

Socialization is an HUGE benefit

Dogs need to socialize. It’s beneficial for their behavioral development, confidence and etiquette when out in public. 

Now that you’re back in the office, you may not have time to chill at the dog park. That’s where doggie daycare strikes again!

Every day, your dog gets the socialization he needs by being around other dogs in a leash-free environment.  

Plus, since daycare employees are experienced, they offer helpful guidance in helping pups navigate canine social norms.

You have all of the flexibility

One collar does not fit all, and it’s the same with daycare. Perhaps you only want to send your pup in a couple of days a week, or you might be working late and need a different pick up time. 

When looking at doggie daycares near you, ask about scheduling options- many have late/early pickups and can work with you to come up with a schedule that benefits everyone.

It also feels good to know that if you have to stay at work late, your dog is in safe hands until you can get to the daycare.

Leading to our final point...

Your pup is safe

The biggest benefit of doggie daycare is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is in capable hands. 

The best doggie daycares in Jacksonville offer comfortable environments designed to keep dogs happy and safe. They are watched by passionate, experienced professionals who understand canine behavior.

As well, ask about emergency services and vaccination requirements. Some daycares have a vet service on site, just in case.

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