Going Back to Work and How Your Dog Feels About it

If you’ve been working from home the past few months, undoubtedly one of the highlights was having your dog by your side to help quell the boredom and anxiety with heaps of cuddles. Vice versa, I bet your loyal pup was overjoyed to soak up the extra time spent together (and the extra belly rubs).

But now, you might be going back to work, and you’re not sure how this will affect your dog. Will he experience separation anxiety? Will he become destructive

Going back to work is yet another uncertain 2020 adjustment that the whole family will have to get used to-including your pup. Luckily, there are a few ways to help make the transition easier.

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Jumpstart a new routine

Staying at home and juggling multiple responsibilities is the perfect recipe to send routines spiraling into the abyss. Now’s the time to introduce a new routine before you officially go back to work.

A routine is beneficial for your dog, because it sets expectations and helps them feel secure. Here are a few ways you can tweak your day to establish a healthy routine for your dog.

  • If you’ve been feeding your dog at random times, set 2 specific times and stick to it.
  • While you work, put your dog in his crate away from your home office for a couple of hours, so he can get used to you not being around all the time.
  • Set walk times around when you leave for work in the morning and come back in the evening.

Give your pup time for independent play

This is an awesome way to stimulate your pup physically and mentally, while also creating a yummy distraction that they’ll thoroughly enjoy.

When it’s time to go to work, offer them a treat that takes time to eat. This can be a bone or a toy (such as a Kong) that is stuffed with their favorite food. 

You can also invest in a special dog puzzle game that challenges your pup to work through a puzzle in order to find the hidden treat within.

When you leave the house, your dog won’t feel stressed, because they know they’re about to enjoy a fun treat session.

Dogs play together outside

Enroll in doggie daycare

One of the best ways for both dogs and dog owners to have peace of mind while separated, is by going to doggie daycare.

Not only do you feel comfortable knowing your dog is safe in capable hands while you’re at the office, but he is also getting the exercise and socialization he needs to grow and thrive.

Contact your local doggie daycare to organize a visit. Reputable daycares will offer a plethora of services, such as professional monitoring, group play, indoor and outdoor dog parks and an on-site vet.

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