How Being a Dog Owner Can Improve Your Social Life

New to the neighborhood? Making friends might be the one item on your To Do List that keeps getting pushed to the bottom. 

Whether you have just moved, are introverted or are too busy with work to get a social life going, the bottom line is that human interaction is important for optimal health and a happy life.

Luckily, there’s a solution to turn you into a social butterfly...

A 2015 study conducted by Harvard and the University of Western Australia reports that dogs can help bolster human interaction and offer social support in general. As if dogs weren't saviors enough already!

Dogs are the perfect ice breaker

According to the study, people with pets were 60 percent more likely than people without pets to easily meet other folks in their communities.

With a dog, you no longer have to be the loner at a party, not knowing who to talk to or what to do with your hands. Having your fur baby by your side ensures you’ve got the perfect sidekick to chase societal jitters away and attract like-minded people (other dog lovers, duh). 

They’ll be coming up to you to ask about your dog, comment on how cute she is and share about their own pets. Boom- instant friendship initiated.

Plus, when all else fails, you can just pet that soft fur, so you never have to wonder about what to do with those hands!

With a dog, there’s always something fun just around the corner

The study also touched upon the fact that new connections are formed through social events and gatherings geared towards pets, such as dog parks. 

We always think of dog parks as a place for 4-legged guests to socialize, but it’s actually the perfect place for humans to bond with other dog mummies and daddies as well. From planning play dates to discussing life as a pup parent, to sharing advice, you find YOUR tribe.

Kanine Social encourages human interaction just as much as canine interaction by offering a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere for dog owners to meet.

While the pups play, the humans can kick back with a cold craft beer or coffee while watching the Jags on a big screen TV. Football? Air conditioning? Beer? NOT having to leave your best bud at home? It’s a win all around.

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