How Doggie Daycare Can Help Soothe an Anxious Pet

Separation anxiety is a real thing for pets, especially dogs. After all, dogs are descended from wolves and have a pack mentality. 

Still, you might have work or kids to worry about, which might mean long hours spent away from home. This can cause your dog to develop anxiety, as they don’t understand where you’ve gone or when you’ll come back to them.

It’s important to note that not all dogs experience separation anxiety. It all depends on the personality, or experiences. For example, some rescue dogs might’ve been abused or abandoned before finding their loving forever home, and these past traumas can certainly trigger anxiety. But how does a dog express anxiety?

5 Signs Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

Are you not sure if your precious pooch has separation anxiety? There are a few different ways to tell…

  • They frequently urinate or defecate indoors
  • Constant pacing and whining
  • Excessive barking
  • Destructive behavior (chewing)
  • Escaping from the crate or yard

Doggie Daycare Can Help Your Dog Build Confidence

You might’ve recently moved, experienced a major schedule change, started a new job, or recently gotten a dog. All of these factors can contribute to canine anxiety. Fortunately, one of the best solutions is to look into doggie daycare.

You might think daycare is too stimulating of an environment for a sensitive pup, but it actually provides many benefits that helps develop confidence and security.

The main benefit of doggie daycare is that it establishes a consistent routine for your dog. Sure, they’ll take some time to get used to it, but once they’re adjusted and know what to expect each day, this will help soothe anxiety.

Another perk is the fact that they won’t be alone at home. When an anxious dog is alone and bored, this is where the destructive behavior rears its ugly head. At daycare they’ll get to socialize with other dogs and professionals who are there to give love and attention to all canine guests.

Finally, your dog will get enough mental and physical stimulation so that they won’t have time to worry about anything. From free play to outside frolicking, and activities, they’ll receive the exercise they need to feel calm and satisfied.

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