How to Stay Connected with Your Dog While Boarding

Leaving your furry friend in a boarding facility can evoke feelings of nervousness for pawrents. However, reputable dog boarding facilities will go above and beyond to ease both you and your pup into it, especially if it’s your first experience.

There are also proactive steps you can take to maintain a strong connection with your dog, ensuring they feel loved and secure even in your absence. Here's our advice!

Choose the Right Boarding Facility

Before your departure, invest time in researching and selecting a boarding facility that aligns with your dog's needs and your expectations. Opt for a place with experienced and caring staff, spacious play areas, and a positive environment.

It’s also a good idea to drop in for a visit/tour before making a decision. Bring your dog and let them sniff around. After all, these are new smells, sights, and sounds to get used to!

Another important thing you’ll want to ask about is vaccination requirements and emergency plans. Some boarding establishments have a vet working onsite to handle medical incidents.

Getting Ready: Pack Familiar Items

Bring a piece of home with your dog to the boarding facility by packing their favorite toys, blanket, or a shirt that carries your scent. Familiar items can provide comfort and a sense of security during their stay.

Maintain Your Home Routine

Dogs thrive on routine, and sudden changes can be stressful. Provide the boarding facility with a schedule of your dog's daily activities, including feeding times, walks, and play sessions. This consistency can help your dog feel more at ease.

Regular Communication

Boarding facilities understand that it can be doggone hard to leave a pet behind. Many offer updates and communication options to help you stay informed about your dog's well-being. Whether it's through daily emails, photos, or video calls, seeing your dog happy and healthy can alleviate concerns.

Interactive Toys and Treats

Supply the boarding facility with interactive toys and treats that can engage your dog's mind and alleviate boredom. Puzzle toys or long-lasting chews not only provide entertainment but also serve as a positive distraction.

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