Important Tips for Keeping Pup Playgroups Safe

If you utilize dog daycare services in Jacksonville, FL, you are probably familiar with the term “playgroup.” 

Dog playgroups consist of structured time periods where pups get to interact and socialize together in a supervised setting. 

Though it may sound like a fun and easy concept, without proper planning and enforcement, it can become a challenging situation. After all, dogs have different personalities just like humans. While one dog may be hyper and extroverted, another might be shy and need time to warm up.

This is where safety becomes a major factor for the other dogs and the playgroup facilitator. In this post, we share insightful tips on how to ensure a safe playgroup so that everyone has a barktastic time!

A Good Playgroup Facilitator Knows Your Dog


One perk of doggie daycare is that fosters consistent socialization, which is crucial for healthy behavioral development. This is where playgroups come in. When creating a sustainable playgroup, it is vital that the groups keep up to date on proven industry standards. These time-tested practices produce the most effective playgroup results in terms of exercise and etiquette.


The facilitator should know each dog in the group and have a sense of their personality traits. They should also have an understanding of basic dog behavior and play style, so your pup is placed in the best playgroup for their needs. 

This is what to look for in a cohesive playgroup:


1. The dogs are grouped together based on size and play style. This ensures a comfortable, streamlined playgroup.

2. Typical staff per dog ratio is 1-15. This, of course, depends on the size of the dogs plus the experience level of the staff member.

3. Make sure the amount of space is up to industry standard. For big dogs, you would want anywhere between 75-100 sq/ft per dog. As for small dogs, 40 sq/ft is adequate.

 Finally, remember that the group leader should be active and attentive in keeping the energy and arousal level of the dogs low. This is a key component in maintaining a safe space within the playgroup. Once the dogs get to know each other after some time, this should become easier and more relaxed for everyone.


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