Is Doggie Daycare Worth the Cost?

For pawrents that have busy work schedules, it can feel stressful to coordinate care for the doggies while away from home. You don’t want your four-legged friend to stay home alone all day, but you wonder if doggie daycare is worth the investment.

Prices vary from daycare to daycare, but some places are flexible with packages and scheduling. It’s important to visit the Jacksonville doggie daycare you’re interested in beforehand for a tour and to discuss the cost. 

With that being said, doggie daycare in Jacksonville offers many benefits that certainly make it worth the money! Here’s why…


While you’re away for the day, your dog is getting the daily exercise they need for well-balanced health. The professionals at doggie daycares lead playgroups indoors and outdoors, with plenty of fun activities that keep your pup engaged, stimulated, and burning energy that won’t be taken out on your favorite shoes.


Developing social skills is just as important as exercise for canines, and doggie daycare is the perfect environment to foster socialization in a safe, supervised way. Your dog will be in contact with other pup pals and have the opportunity to make friends.

Supervision & Safety

You might feel worried about leaving your dog home alone. Are they bored? Will they be safe? This is one of the biggest benefits of doggie daycare. Your dog is monitored constantly throughout the day, with close attention spent on meals, interaction, and behavior. Some daycares even give pawrents the option to check-in from their smart devices.


Finally, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your precious pup is in capable hands. The staff at the best dog daycares in Jacksonville aren’t just trained professionals, but they are passionate dog lovers just like you. With your dog enjoying a fun day with friends, you can focus on work without any added stress pertaining to your pet.

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