Is Joining a Board and Train Program Worth It?

Have you heard of board and train programs for dogs? It’s a modern concept that’s steadily growing in popularity- and for good reason. 

Basically, it’s what the name implies, you send your pup away for a certain length of time (typically 2-3 weeks) and they board at a safe establishment while receiving consistent training from a professional. Board and train programs vary, but generally, they cover behavioral basics, commands, and socialization.

You can continue to focus on your work and family while having peace of mind knowing that your dog is learning from the best while staying safe in an environment geared towards canines. 

But with all of the dog training methods out there, is board and train worth the hype?

Your Dog Gets Trained

The bottom line is that your dog gets the professional training they need from experts who will be monitoring your dog day by day. 

Training is highly important for several reasons. It teaches your dog how to obey commands and follow etiquette in social situations. It also teaches your dog confidence and trust in its owner.

The thing is, training needs to be consistent, and that’s why board and train is a step above other methods. Your dog gets to partake in daily exercises that keep them learning, embedding new behaviors in their brains. You save time and money on missed training, while your dog transforms into a first-class canine citizen of society.

The trainer Gets a Full Synopsis of Your Dog’s Behavior

One of the biggest benefits of board and train is that the trainer gets to spend more time with your dog in a lengthier period than a trainer would if they came to see your dog say, once per week. 

The trainer observes how your pup interacts with others and their learning style, giving insight into the areas that need improvement and how your dog best responds to certain training techniques.

Safe & Fun

Another huge benefit of board and train is that you can rest easy knowing your dog is in capable hands. They get dropped off in a safe location where dogs can receive the comfort and care they need. It’s like being on a doggone dream vacation!

They also get to have fun romping around with other pups- a great way to ensure daily exercise and socialization. Both are highly important for canine health and building confidence!

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