READ THIS Before Buying A Dog Halloween Costume

As the month of September comes to a close, here we are pulling out scarves and drenching ourselves in pumpkin spice everything. Not to mention, the spookiest holiday is just around the corner: HALLOWEEN!

Involving your dog in all of the holiday fun is always a joyous occasion, especially when you can get creative by dressing her up in a super cute costume. 

It seems easy enough. Buy that T-Rex dog get-up you’ve been eyeing, pull it over your pup’s wriggling body, giggle and snap pictures for the gram.

The thing is, does your dog share your enthusiasm for dressing up

When shopping for a canine costume, keep these tips in mind to ensure she is comfortable and most importantly, happy.

Breathability is important!

Don’t go with an outfit for the cheap price or the cuteness factor. Take care that it’s good quality, made with breathable materials that don’t restrict the airways. 

Stay away from costumes with tight neck pieces or hoods, especially if the ears are restrained. Dog ears are sensitive! 

Also, by the end of October temperatures should be starting to dip. If you live in a region where it still stays pretty warm around this time, be wary of thick costumes that can make your dog feel too hot.

Keep the receipt

Before you rip the tags off a costume, let your dog try it on first. Make sure she is comfortable and has plenty of breathing room. 

Check that there aren’t any loose strings or ties that can cause strangulation. Buttons and hard plastic pieces are potential choking hazards to avoid. 

If your dog can’t move freely and is too hot with that extra layer, return the costume and look for something else.

A comfortable dog is a happy dog

Dressing up your pup shouldn’t be for your benefit. It should be about enjoying Halloween together. No matter what, you need to assess the environment and be honest about your dog’s temperament before involving her in the festivities. Consider the following:

  • Is your dog easily stressed out? Some dogs may not like being in a costume, as they’re not used to wearing clothes. It can bring on anxiety. You can always tie a festive bandanna around her neck instead!
  • Think about Halloween and trick or treating. There will be kids and people everywhere, coming up to your door one after another. Your dog may not be used to seeing all of these unfamiliar faces- especially with crazy costumes on!
  • If you bring your dog out for trick or treating, keep her on a leash to avoid confrontation or running away if she gets scared.
  • If going out at night, consider attaching a glow stick or reflective tape to her costume, so her whereabouts are easily known to others (and cars) in the darkness.

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