The Important Benefits Behind Group Training & Socialization for Dogs

There are so many ways to train dogs, but ensuring your pup gets enough interaction with others on a consistent basis will help shape overall behavior and health.

Implementing socialization can be as easy as taking your dog to the dog park every week or enrolling her in doggie daycare. You can even try group training, which is cheaper than one-on-one private lessons.

Here’s why you should start socializing your dog ASAP!

It fosters healthy psychological growth

Natural instinct for dogs means learning to follow rules in a pack setting. As humans, we try to guide our dogs behavior based on human manners. It only makes sense that they should act as a canine. 

From the time a puppy is born, behavior is shaped by the mother and then by other dogs into adulthood. When a dog acts out of line, a member of the pack will correct its action. That’s where socialization comes in. When you start exposing your puppy to other dogs from an early age, she will naturally learn how to interact with others without showing fear, aggression or destructive behavior

At doggie daycare, 4-legged guests are allowed to roam freely in a safe, leash-free environment where they meet dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. It’s a great way for them to grow comfortable with a diverse range of canine personalities, learning how to function with patience, confidence and fairness within a pack.

It keeps dogs healthy & happy

We all like to multitask, so what better way to balance dog training, play time and exercise all at once than with socialization? It makes it easy for dog owners to ensure their pooches get the physical stimulation they need to stay in tip top shape, as well as mentally satisfied

Dogs are naturally active creatures, with daily exercise being a top priority. Without burning energy, dogs can become destructive, taking out their boredom on your precious belongings. 

Thwart chewing and digging by taking your fur baby to the dog park every weekend. She will have fun meeting other park regulars to frolic. If you're strapped for time, consider enrolling in doggie daycare. She will get free play and structured play time under professional supervision, so when you pick your dog up at the end of the day, you both can spend the evening relaxing together.

Socialization makes everyday life so much easier

You don’t realize how much your dog interacts with others on a daily basis, whether it’s going to the groomer, a check up at the vet or taking a family trip. 

Anxious dogs only regress in behavior when they are touched by unfamiliar hands or exposed to other animals. They might even develop the dangerous habit of running away

Socialization allows your dog to become used to all sorts of sounds, sights and smells. Her confidence grows and she learns to accept new environments and animals rather than shy away. This makes life easier and stress-free for everyone! You won’t have to wrestle with your dog at the vet while she gets a shot or worry about aggressive behavior while she gets soaped up at the groomer.

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