Traveling with Your Dog This Summer? Here's How to Make it Stress-Free

Are you looking forward to an upcoming vacay with your four-legged-bestie by your side? Traveling with your dog is undoubtedly a great chance for both of you to break away from the norm and get some much needed bonding.

Of course, when you bring your pup on a trip there is plenty of extra preparation required to ensure the least amount of stress and the utmost comfort for your pal.

How to travel with your dog

Procrastination is not your ally when it comes to trip planning. Keep your stress levels low by figuring out the items and pet services you need well before your take-off date. This is particularly important to save time, especially if you need to also prepare your family’s luggage.

As well, depending on where you are traveling to and the place you’re staying, you might need to reserve special services well in advance- such as dog boarding services.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! Here’s how to plan like a pro.

Consider the location

Starting your prep with a list always helps to alleviate stress.  Are you camping? Does your hotel allow pets? Get out the calendar and consider where you are going. 

It helps to call your accommodation provider and ask them what pet amenities they provide, and what the rules are pertaining to pets on the property.

Look at the town regulations regarding dogs. For example, if you’re renting a place on the beach, some beaches allow dogs while others prohibit them completely. 

A family gets ready for a trip with their dog

Make a list of pet supplies

Instead of running to the grocery shop in a mad haste to grab a bag of dog food, really sit down and think about what your dog will need on this trip.

Sure, you’ll bring the obvious essentials, like food, meds and favorite toys, but it can be beneficial (and convenient) to you both by investing in travel pet products.

Here are some ideas:

  • Dog seat belt
  • LED leash (for night time walks)
  • Collapsible food/water bowl
  • Crate (if your dog is crate training)
  • Dog car seat cover
  • Waterless dog shampoo
  • Pet first aid kit

Think about pet friendly activities

You’ve probably got palm trees and ice cold beverages on the brain, but don’t forget that it will be a vacation for your dog, too! It’s always a good idea to research fun, pup-approved activities so your dog can get the exercise and socialization he needs away from home.

Look up outdoor dog parks and indoor dog parks nearby where you’ll be staying and set aside time to let your pup romp with other bark buds.

You might have activities planned with your family that can’t be done with a pet, so it’s imperative to look up dog boarding facilities or even the best doggie daycare near you.

Contact these pet sitting services to discuss reservations and requirements. Then you can relax knowing you have a comfortable, trustworthy place to bring your dog, if needed.

Finally, find a reputable veterinarian or pet emergency service that is in the area. Save the contact information and make sure to bring along your pet’s medical records- just in case!

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