Walks and Fetch Are Not Enough! Why Your Dog Needs an Exercise Boost

Chewed up furniture? Constant barking? Separation anxiety? Something’s up with your dog. You never miss a morning walk, and you like to cap off the day with some fetch in the backyard. How can he have so much energy?

Believe it or not, your dog needs more socialization than just you (ouch). That may sting a little bit, but it’s not because he doesn't love you- we promise you’re the center of his universe.

The thing is, dog’s get bored with the same daily walk- just like you might get bored jogging the same exact route every single day. Dogs are intelligent creatures who need mental stimulation and socialization with other dogs during play time to burn that energy.

But with a busy life, how can you find the time to give your dog more than a walk? 

That’s where doggie daycare comes in. 

Your dog gets to socialize every day

Socialization is so important for dogs. It helps them learn social cues and feel confident in unfamiliar settings. It’s recommended to start socializing young or as soon as possible, then keep it up- consistency is key.

It can be difficult to get your dog out of the house and hanging out with other pups on a regular basis. That’s why doggie daycare is the perfect place to foster socialization. You can drop off your beloved pup and feel peace of mind knowing that he is going to be in a safe, supervised environment. 

Play sessions means lots of “ruffing” around with other dogs, building confidence and learning important canine etiquette.

There’s plenty of mental stimulation

All those chewed pairs of shoes? Your pup might be bored and in need of a brain challenge!

From outdoors playtime to indoors sessions, your dog will get plenty of mental stimulation in various safe settings. Ask your daycare if they offer activities for daycare guests, including puzzles, crafts or agility courses.

Daily exercise through play

Your dog doesn’t need fancy exercises to burn energy. Playtime offers a fun, ever changing active environment that incorporates other pals, so your dog will always get to run around, rough house, and be leash-free to sniff and explore.

It’s something different every day, in a place designed just for dogs! 


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