Ways to Keep Your Dog Active for Pet Wellness Month

We recently had Pet Wellness Month in October, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be an “every month” thing. Pet health is just as important as your health or any of your family members for that matter. After all- your doggo is part of your family, too!

From diet to physical and mental stimulation, pet owners are becoming more aware about how to keep their pups in tip-top shape.

A big part of a healthy canine lifestyle is exercise, however, just going for a leashed walk might not be cutting it.

That’s why we’re giving you some new ideas to keep your woofer active that are fun and healthy!

Hit the Trails!

Tired of taking the same mundane neighborhood loop for your morning walk? Instead, spice things up with some trail running! Look up local parks- generally they have trails for runners. Get into your primal instincts and combine forces with your dog to become the wolf pack you were meant to be. Your dog will be tuckered out and you’ll feel great, too!

Visit the Dog Park

Don’t have energy for an explosive trail run? Take your furry guy to the dog park instead! Many communities now have a dog area as part of the local park facilities. These enclosed areas are great for your dog to run freely off-leash while socializing with other poochie pals. Of course, you’ll want to ease your dog into it if it’s their first time. You’ll also want to gauge temperament.

Try Doggie Daycare

If you’ve got a busy work schedule it can be difficult finding the time to ensure your energetic pup gets the exercise they need. That’s where doggie daycare can be extremely helpful. Not only is your dog in a safe environment, but they’re not stuck alone at home. They get to play indoors and outdoors with other canine companions, all under the watchful gaze of professional handlers.

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