What Happens at Doggie Daycare?

Every doggie daycare is different, so if you’re considering sending your furry pal to one, you might be wondering what each day provides for care and entertainment.

The best way to go about this would be to visit a few pet daycares in your area and take a tour of the facilities. Ask them to give you a play-by-play regarding the activities the dogs partake in. Another plus is if you can bring your dog on the tours to see how they react after some sniffing and snuffing around!

However, note that reputable daycares with modern facilities provide immense care and amenities that are backed by research and overseen by professionals who LOVE doggies.

In this blog post, we share some of the most common activities that take place at the best doggie daycares and ones we love here at Kanine Social in Jacksonville.

Indoor and Outdoor Play Time

For dogs, daily exercise is crucial, especially for high energy breeds. The old doggie daycare fear is that dogs are kept in kennels for hours, but that isn’t the case nowadays (at least it shouldn’t be!). 

Look for a daycare that provides both mental and physical stimulation. If you live in a hot region like Florida, indoor play rooms with air conditioning are important to keep dogs from overheating while playing. Outdoor play areas let dogs run around off-leash, getting fresh air and sunshine.

Canine Safety 

For safety, play groups should be limited, so professional staff can fully supervise smaller groups of dogs. They’ll also make sure to group dogs with similar sizing and personalities.

The facilities should also be geared towards canine physicalities and behavior. Slip-proof flooring, and plenty of space that can be separated by mobile dividers give dogs custom areas to play or relax when a break is needed.

On-Site Vet

Another cool feature of boutique doggie daycares is an on-site vet service. This gives pawrents the peace of mind they seek while away at work or on vacay. Having a vet on-site ensures your dog receives fast and professional care in case of an emergency.

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