What Happens in the Event of a Medical Emergency at a Dog Boarding Facility?

No pawrent wants to think about something happening to their pup while staying at a boarding facility, but emergencies can happen anywhere, and it’s best to be informed and prepared for peace of mind.

Dog owners who entrust their furry friends to a dog boarding facility want to know that their pets are in good hands, including what happens in the event of a medical emergency. 

Responsible dog boarding facilities prioritize the health and safety of their canine guests and have protocols in place to address medical situations. Here's what typically occurs in the event of a medical emergency at a dog boarding facility.

Immediate Assessment

When a canine boarder shows signs of distress in the wake of an emergency, the first step is an immediate assessment of the dog's condition by closelyobserving the dog's behavior, vital signs, and then evaluating the severity of the situation. This initial assessment helps determine the urgency and the necessary next steps.

Contact with Owners

Once the facility staff identifies a concerning medical issue, they promptly contact the dog's owner or the designated emergency contact. Effective and clear communication is vital to ensure that the owner is informed about the situation.

Owners typically have the final say in the medical care and treatment of their dogs during emergencies. They are consulted and can approve or decline specific treatments and financial decisions related to their pet's care.

Veterinary Care 

For serious cases, the boarding facility should have established relationships with local veterinarians or animal hospitals. At Kanine Social, we work with Forever Vets Animal Hospital to provide a full range of veterinary services right on our property.

Medical Records and Information

A reputable boarding facility maintains comprehensive and up-to-date medical records for every dog in their care. These records include information about vaccinations, medications, and any known medical conditions. This documentation proves invaluable during a medical emergency, as it aids veterinarians in providing the necessary care.

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